Covid-19 Charter for Safe Working Practice

During the Coronavirus pandemic the health and wellbeing of our workforce, the children in our care and their parents, visitors to our nursery and the local community is our number one priority.

Nursery provision has a vital role to play in helping our local community and local economy recover from the impact of Coronavirus. The Government is fully supportive of nurseries continuing to be open where it is safe to do so.

Holly Hill Nursery makes a significant contribution to the local economy. It supports 20 direct jobs and 50 families to give their children the best possible start in life and go to work to provide for their families. This in turn supports other businesses and employers to generate income for the local economy.

We all share the responsibility to ensure that Holly Hill Nursery can operate safely and in accordance with Government advice.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

We will do this by:

  • Working with our staff, parents, professional support services and suppliers to develop and share detailed safe working practices
  • Only undertaking operations we know can be carried out safely
  • Giving all staff a full safety induction to ensure they fully understand the measures in place in the nursery to protect them and others
  • Teach the children how to keep hygienic, clean and stay safe
  • Establishing safe and controlled entry and exit to the nursery
  • Providing safe shared facilities in the nursery and hand washing points and sanitisers throughout the nursery
  • Keep the children and staff in set groups and set rooms and prevent them from mixing between groups
  • Creating a new outdoor classroom, learning space and play area
  • Following a strict cleaning routine throughout the day
  • Ensuring measures are in place to isolate and remove anyone who is unwell
  • Preventing visitors from entering the nursery
  • Ensuring that compliance with these rules is monitored very closely with clear consequences for those who don’t
  • Updating our practice, policies and procedures as guidance changes and communicating changes to everyone

We are asking all staff, parents and other to:

  • Stay at home if they have any coronavirus symptoms or are living with someone who has
  • Apply government guidance for safer travel, including the avoidance of use of public transport where possible
  • Take time to read, understand and comply with all guidance provided
  • Raise any concerns with the nursery manager as soon as you have them
  • Be prepared to collect your child quickly if they become unwell during the day
  • Support each other to provide the safest and best possible experience for the children