The family of qualified and experienced staff here at Holly Hill Nursery have worked with generations of children and parents. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our families and listening to our children to ensure we work together to support the children’s development.

Holly Hill Nursery's Ofsted Inspection Report

Ofsted are the Government body that inspects childcare settings. In our latest Inspection Report in 2018, Ofsted said the following:

“The learning environment is well organised and stimulating. Children play purposefully and are motivated to take part in a range of learning opportunities.”

“Staff are very positive role models. They are calm and caring. Children form strong bonds with all staff, which helps to support their emotional well-being. Children behave extremely well. They consistently demonstrate excellent manners and are supported to take turns and share equipment effectively.”

“Leaders are fully committed and determined to continually improve learning experiences for children.”

“Staff build close working relationships with parents and help them to support children’s learning at home.”

“Strong routines are in place, which help to support children’s understanding. For instance, toddlers successfully learn how to tidy up at the end of the session. Preschool children’s independence is supported well. For example, they get themselves ready to go outside and they serve their own lunch.”

Read on below for some of the reviews we have received from our parents.

I think the staff are very welcoming and have been since I first started my placement here. I have been well supported when needing advice for college work. All staff here have good relationships with the children and support them with their individual needs. I think all efforts are made to ensure that the environment and the resources in it, are supportive to their development.

Lucie, Student

We don’t even know where to begin, you really have made the best impression on Isla on her first year and we couldn’t have wished for a better and more wonderful teacher to help our little lady begin her next chapter. The love and support you have shown her has given her so much joy and confidence; the smile you greet her with on the morning has made her feel special and you honestly makes her so happy. A massive thank you to everything you have brought to Isla’s magic little world, we are beyond grateful.

My daughter and granddaughter have been coming to Holly Hill since April 2019 and they love it! The staff are brilliant and always on hand if I need to talk to them about anything. Couldn’t ask for a better nursery and staff team!

To All at Holly Hill,
We can’t thank you all enough for the love, care and nurture you’ve shown towards Jessica and Zac over the last 6 years. We are sad to be leaving, the kids absolutely loved coming and we’ll never forget what you’ve done for us. We wish Holly Hill and staff every success in the future.